Dairy Queen has a colorful new Under the Rainbow Shake ahead of St. Patrick’s Day

Dairy Queen's Under the Rainbow Shake
Dairy Queen

Just days after announcing its Valentine’s Day menu and new Triple Truffle Blizzard Cupid Cake, Dairy Queen is already looking ahead to St. Patrick’s Day.

Now through March 17, you can get their new Under the Rainbow Shake — which  DQ says “captures the magic of a rainbow in a cup.”

The new Under the Rainbow Shake blends vanilla soft-serve ice cream with strawberry flavor and rainbow sprinkles. The shake is then garnished with whipped topping and even more rainbow sprinkles.

Dairy Queen

For those that prefer all things mint and Shamrock-colored, you’ll find the return of the fan-favorite Mint Brownie Blizzard Treat as well. This seasonal Blizzard combines vanilla soft serve with brownie pieces, choco chunks and mint.

The Blizzard is available alongside a few other limited-time flavors, like the Triple Truffle, which will be on the menu through Valentine’s Day, and Oreo Hot Cocoa, which will likely disappear by spring.

Dairy Queen

While there aren’t too many St. Patrick’s Day goodies out just yet, Bailey’s has just announced a new Vanilla Mint Shake liquor, which appears to be a grown-up twist on McDonald’s always-popular Shamrock Shake.

Baileys Vanilla Mint Shake is a minty green color and combines mint, vanilla and a “hint” of chocolate. It can be enjoyed as a shot, over ice cream or blended into a milkshake.


McDonald’s has announced the Shamrock Shake will be returning on Feb. 20. That’s still a couple of weeks away, so if you want to make a booze-free version, take a look at this copycat recipe from Dinner Then Dessert.

While it likely won’t turn out exactly like the McDonald’s version, all you need for this re-creation is vanilla ice cream, milk and mint extract (not peppermint extract). Once blended, you can then add whipped cream and dust it with green sugar.


Are you excited about St. Patrick’s Day and spring treats?

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