Dairy Queen now has Blizzard ‘Flights’ — for when you can’t choose just one flavor

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For all you dessert lovers, it is a very exciting time we live in. Dairy Queen, our favorite pit stop for ice cream concoctions that never fail to satisfy a sweet tooth, has not only revealed six new and returning Blizzard treats for the summer but also a new way to try them all with ease. DQ has blessed us indecisive sugar fiends with mini Blizzard treat flights!

Just like you’d indulge in a beer or wine flight at your favorite bar, now you can try three blissfully delicious Blizzards in one go. This new option lets you try out three Blizzard flavors at a time — but it’s only happening during the month of May so don’t miss out.

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The seasonal Summer Blizzard flavors include:

Caramel Cannonball — with sweet caramel coated truffles, crunchy toffee pieces and more caramel on top.

Oreo Cookie Jar — with Oreo cookie pieces, chocolate chip cookie dough and fudge, because why wouldn’t you add more chocolate to the mix?

Brownie Dough — with all the decadence your heart could ever desire: chewy brownie pieces, chocolate chunks and more chocolate fudge.

S’mores  for those of you looking to relive your childhood camping memories with marshmallow-filled chocolates and graham cracker bits.

Cotton Candy — with classic blue and pink cotton candy sprinkles mixed throughout DQ’s soft serve.

Summer Berry Cheesecake — for a fruity take on the ice cream blend. This combines raspberries, blackberries and blueberries with rich cheesecake pieces.

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If these Blizzards aren’t enough to get to excited, DQ is also rolling out other summer treats such as the Cupfections, which according to a press release, give you a “typical sundae experience, made bigger and better with layers of baked goods and decadent toppings.”

Then there are Cake Shakes, which, as you can guess, are thick, creamy shakes made with vanilla layer cake and hand blended with milk and soft serve, which is then topped with things like more cake, chocolate and strawberries.

Are you ready for this much sugar, because we sure are!

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