Dairy Queen Has A Colorful New Blizzard To Celebrate The 50th Anniversary Of The Moon Landing

The 50th anniversary of the moon landing is quickly approaching on July 20 and Dairy Queen is celebrating the event the best way they know how — by offering a brand new Blizzard!

The new, limited-edition Zero Gravity Blizzard is available now at participating Dairy Queen locations nationwide while supplies last. It features Oreo cookie pieces, sparkly cosmic swirls and sweet cotton candy topping blended with creamy DQ vanilla soft-serve ice cream, then finished with colorful galaxy sprinkles. The gravity-defying Blizzard Treat is also supposed to be served upside down or your next Blizzard is free!

Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen is only making a limited amount of these special Blizzards, so you’ll want to hurry and grab one before they’re gone!

Other Cosmic Treats

If you’re looking for even more sweet treats to celebrate the anniversary of NASA’s 1969 moon landing, Krispy Kreme, Dunkin’, Budweiser, Elysian Brewing and Oreo are all also getting in on the fun.

Krispy Kreme is celebrating by taking its classic glazed doughnut and adding cream to the center! You can get your choice of a glazed doughnut filled with either chocolate cream or vanilla cream. While these treats are in celebration of the moon landing, they will actually be a permanent Krispy Kreme menu addition.

Krispy Kreme

Speaking of doughnut chains, Dunkin’s line-up of new Cosmic Coolatta frozen drinks combines blue raspberry and another flavor like grape, pineapple or strawberry, each specially layered to create a bright, galactic look. They also have a brand new space-themed doughnut on the menu that is not only star-shaped but also has white icing and blue raspberry-flavored popping candy clusters in blue, purple and yellow.

Dunkin' Donuts

If beer is more your speed, Budweiser and Elysian Brewing have each released special brews to mark the occasion as well.

Budweiser’s Discovery Reserve is a limited-edition beer inspired by an archival Budweiser recipe from the time of the Apollo Moon missions. It is brewed with medium-roast Voyager barley malt and features a light hoppy aroma, a toasted barley malt taste with a hint of toffee and a sharp finish. For every 24-pack of Discovery Reserve sold, Budweiser will donate $1 to the Folds of Honor Foundation in support of educational scholarships for military families.


Seattle-based Elysian Brewing is releasing a specially designed Space Dust IPA six-pack featuring three unique labels commemorating each phase of the voyage: Lift-Off, Landing and Return. These limited-edition retro bottles will begin hitting retail shelves starting in early July.

Elysian Brewing

Oreo is also celebrating the historic moment with new marshmallow moon cookies. The limited-edition Oreos have three moon-landing designs on the cookies and purple marshmallow creme inside. Even better, the cookies come in glow-in-the-dark packaging with an anniversary sticker set!


Lastly, while they don’t have a new product for the anniversary, Stouffer’s actually supplied some of the food Apollo 11 astronauts ate at NASA HQ following the trip and have released a replica of the menu served to them so we can all eat just like astronauts! Among other foods like spice cakes and boneless short ribs, they were also served Stouffer’s escalloped chicken and noodles, which you can still find in stores today.

Check out the full menu below:


Which moon landing-themed summer treat are you most excited to try?