This Dancing Baby Groot Car Charger Is All You Need On Your Holiday Wish List

This dancing baby Groot is too cute!

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We’ve found the perfect holiday gift for you to give to friends and loved ones, or put on your own holiday wish list! We introduce to you, a dancing baby Groot car charger from ThinkGeek.

For those of you who are fans of “Guardians of the Galaxy,” you are probably already on ThinkGeek’s website purchasing your new favorite car accessory. But in case you aren’t familiar with baby Groot, watch the video below and be prepared to become obsessed with this little fella.

Now that we are all on the same page with wanting our very own dancing baby Groot car charger, head over to ThinkGeek, your one stop-shop for all things awesomely geeky and purchase this charger for only $39.99!



Groot conveniently sits safely in your cupholder providing you the ultimate driving buddy while he charges your phone or other devices. The little guy is compatible with anything that charges via USB. The charger features two USB charging ports, with 2.1 Amps, meaning it is capable of charging two tablets simultaneously! Also includes DC12V adapter if your vehicle has a cigarette lighter.

And if that isn’t enough to make you want one of these car charges, just check out his dance moves. Every drive will put a smile on your face when a baby Groot charger involved. I mean look how cute he is!

This is a ThinkGeek creation and exclusive so don’t expect to find him elsewhere this holiday season!

Also be sure to keep an eye out for “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2“, coming to theaters May 2017 for more baby Groot! We can’t wait.

[h/t: Hello Giggles]