Danica Patrick Confirmed She’s Dating Aaron Rodgers

Danica Patrick has just confirmed that she is dating Aaron Rodgers. Rumors about the racing superstar and the Green Bay Packers quarterback have been swirling since the beginning of 2018, as the couple were frequently seen together in public.

But the relationship could mean that Patrick will have to reconsider her allegiance to the Chicago Bears. Despite being from Beloit, Wisconsin, Patrick is a committed Bears fan. She had previously told Rodgers she’d root for him—but now it looks like she may be becoming an actual Green Bay Packers fan.

“Now I am probably going to cheer for the whole team,” she told the Associated Press. “Take out the word ‘probably.’ Now I’m going to cheer for the whole team.”

Getty, Streeter Lecka

Despite Patrick’s allegiance to the Bears, she actually has quite a bit in common with her new guy. They both enjoyed all-American childhoods, filled with a shared love of sports and family togetherness. (Patrick grew up in a working-class suburb in the Midwest, while Rodgers hails from a tight-knit family in Chico, California).

They are also both open about their religious beliefs. Rodgers once said, “When our family had its ups and downs, I knew my parents relied on God for everything and He always got us through those rough spots.” Patrick has also shared her faith openly, and it has been reported that she converted to Catholicism shortly after seeing Mel Gibson’s “Passion of The Christ.”

Getty, Jonathan Ferrey

Prior to dating Rodgers, Patrick dated fellow racecar driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr. for five years. She was also previously married to physical therapist Paul Hospenthal for seven years (they met when Hospenthal was treating her for an injury).

Meanwhile, Aaron Rodgers famously dated actor Olivia Munn for three years. However, the relationship was reportedly troubled because Munn did not get along with his family.

Getty, Jared C. Tilton

Rodgers has admitted that dating as a celebrity is not easy.

“When you are living out a relationship in the public eye, it’s definitely … it’s difficult,” he told ESPN. “It has some extra constraints because you have other opinions abut your relationship, how it affects your work and, you know, just some inappropriate connections.”

Here’s hoping he and Patrick can survive those challenges and make it work. Congrats, lovebirds!