Teen Girl’s ‘wall Of Sorrow’ Makes Dad Cave And Buy Her A Cat

It’s no secret that when kids want something, they usually don’t let up until they get what they want. Usually, that just involves various forms of begging and whining that many parents have built up an immunity to over the years.

But one 13-year-old girl found a loophole in the system. You see, this kid wanted a cat, but her father wouldn’t get one for her. So she came up with a genius plan that could eventually lead to a seismic shift in the ongoing war between parents and their children.

Meet the “Wall of Sorrow”:

Danielle Grubisic / Twittter

According to Twitter user Danielle Grubisic, her sister decided that the best way to get dear old dad to give in was not by begging, but by tugging on his heartstrings. Actually, more by pulling at his heartstrings with the strength of an Olympic weightlifter.

There were “pleases.” There were “whys?” There were multiple misuses of “your” and “their,” which just make the whole thing sound even more pitiful.

“Your [sic] killing innocent lives,” and “Please, your [sic] letting cats die alone and never get to have a family or feel loved,” read two different notes on the “Wall of Sadness.” One was a drawing of a heart breaking in half, which just about sums up what happened to me when I saw this. And then, the girl brings out the big gun:

Twitter / Itsssdanielle

Kitty tears? That’s just ruthless.

Considering I am about to give this girl a cat and I don’t even know her, one can only imagine what this did to her dad. The final picture on Grubisic’s tweet was one of her utterly defeated dad staring into the distance as a furry new friend sat on his lap, reveling in its victory.

Danielle Grubisic / Twitter

With the holidays approaching and many kids preparing to ask mom and dad for a pet of some sort, Grubisic’s tweet has provided children around the world with a battle plan, and judging by how quickly it went viral, it’s about to be an all-out assault. The tweet has been retweeted almost 70,000 times, and the teen is being hailed as a genius.


Of course, while there were many people who praised the girl for her ingenuity and expert use of guilt, this is the internet so, of course, plenty of people had to mock her grammar. But, as one user noted, that might have just been part of her scheme.

Well, either way, the scoreboard is clear:

13-year-old girl – 1

Dad – 0

Cat – napping

But in all seriousness, the girl is right when she talks about all of the cats in shelters that need good homes, like this adorable guy. So if you are considering getting a pet for the holidays, check your local shelter before you hit a pet store.

Don’t make me build you your own Wall of Sorrow!

(h/t romper.com)