Epic Darth Vader grill doubles as a fire pit

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If you love “Star Wars” as much as I do, you probably also love the fact that you can pretty much outfit your whole life in items themed with characters and objects from the movies franchise. From lightsaber windshield wipers to Le Creuset’s kitchen collection, this is a great time to be a fan. Personally, I love my lightsaber salt and pepper shakers, which I picked up at Star Wars Celebration last year.

You can now even indulge your love for the Dark Side while making steaks with an outdoor grill shaped like Darth Vader’s helmet!

This amazing product, which allows flames to be seen through the mask’s eye holes as it operates, brings to mind certain scenes from the films — such as Darth Vader’s funeral pyre in “Return of the Jedi,” or that last epic battle between Anakin and Obi-Wan on the fiery volcano planet Mustafar in “Revenge of the Sith.”

Etsy | BurnedbyDesignLtd

The hand-crafted Darth Vader BBQ is available from Burned by Design, Ltd., a U.K.-based Etsy seller. It costs $668.17 and does double duty as a grill and a wood burner. You simply remove the swivel-out grill plates that come with it to transform it from one function to the other. The product measures at about 17 inches long by 17 inches wide by 31 inches high.

Each grill is made to order and there’s a waiting list for the product that’s 4-6 weeks long. If you’re willing to spend the money, you’ll want to order soon so you’ll get it in time for the summer grilling season! Lucky for us Yanks, worldwide shipping is available.

If you want some other unique, hand-built items that celebrate the Dark Side, you’re in luck! Burned by Design also has really cool wood burners that look like a stormtrooper helmet and a Boba Fett helmet, too. And then there’s this stunning Death Star wood burner  that’s listed for more than $1,300:

Etsy | BurnedbyDesignLtd

As it turns out, this Etsy seller doesn’t just focus on the Dark Side. Burned by Design also gives the metallic art treatment to the good guys.

Check out this extremely detailed R2-D2 wood burner:

Etsy | BurnedbyDesignLtd

When this one’s burning, flames arise from the dome, which reminds us of that time R2-D2 sustained a direct laser hit to his noggin in the final run to destroy the Death Star in “A New Hope.” The R2-D2 wood burner will set you back a cool $1,167 but you can probably bet you’ll be the only one in your neighborhood with one!

Burned by Design also sells other metal art items that are inspired by “Star Wars,” such as these tealight candlesticks in the shape of starfighter ships. The pair, which you can see below, sells for $700.

Etsy | BurnedbyDesignLtd

If you’re not into “Star Wars,” though, Burned by Design may still have something for you to splurge on. Heroes from comic books and superhero movies, like Iron Man ($849), are also available for your fire pit needs:

Etsy | BurnedbyDesignLtd

Horror films, heavy metal bands and “Alice in Wonderland” are also represented at Burned by Design, making this a go-to destination for high-quality nerdy goods for many fandoms.

Once you’ve got the Darth Vader grill, you’re going to need themed grill utensils to go with it, right? Check out this set that comes in a bamboo case with an engraving of Yoda and the words “Grill You Must” from ARRstudio on Etsy, which can also be personalized. It’s currently listed for about $57.


You’ll definitely have an awesomely geeky setup when peak grilling season come around again. Happy shopping!

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