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David Bowie’s First Recorded Song From When He Was 16 Was Found In An Old Bread Basket

What a find!

It’s hard to imagine David Bowie, one of the most charismatic and daring musicians in history, being a typical frustrated teenager trying to make his break into the music business. But in 1963, that’s exactly what he was doing — and now, for the first time, we’ll be able to hear that burgeoning young artist’s first recording.

David Hadfield, a British drummer who played with Bowie when the “Space Oddity” singer was just a kid (and still using his birth name, David Jones), is selling an artifact he stumbled upon from their time spent in a band called The Konrads. Inside a dusty bread basket hidden away in his home in England, Hadfield found the first demo tape Bowie ever sang on, which was recorded when the future icon was just 16 years old.

Omega Auctions

Talk about a great find. When I look around in my basement, all I find are Christmas decorations and old clothes that I foolishly hold out hope of fitting me if I ever get down to my college weight again!

The tape features Bowie singing an original song called “I Never Dreamed,” and it was recorded about four years before his own debut album, “David Bowie,” would be released. Hadfield told Rolling Stone he’s decided to sell the tape because it will help grow his retirement budget, and, “otherwise, it’s going to die with me in a corner somewhere.”

You can listen to a 12-second clip of the tape below, which Omega Auctions posted to YouTube in promotion of the sale, which happens Sept. 11 in England.

Omega Auctions expects the tape will sell for about 10,000 pounds, or $13,000, with auctioneer Paul Fairweather calling it, “a significant recording, completely unique and of great historical interest.”

This won’t be the first item connected with the late music icon to sell big at auction. In 2016, a costume from his 1987 tour sold for $37,500. That same year, Bowie’s personal art collection sold for more than $40 million.