5 Interesting Facts About David Cassidy As The World Mourns His Death

The world said goodbye to another former teen idol this week. On Nov. 21, David Cassidy, the actor and musician who famously played Keith Partridge in the 1970s TV show “The Partridge Family,” died at the age of 67. According to his publicist, Jo-Ann Geffen, Cassidy was recently admitted to a Florida hospital where he suffered from organ failure.

“David died surrounded by those he loved, with joy in his heart and free from the pain that had gripped him for so long,” she said in a statement released on CNN.com.”Thank you for the abundance and support you have shown him these many years.”

david cassidy photo
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Family, friends and fans took to social media to remember the veteran entertainer:

As the world mourns the loss of another celebrity, let’s take a look back at Cassidy’s life with a few interesting facts—some of which you may not have known.

1. Mrs. Partridge Was Actually David Cassidy’s Mom—Sort Of.

David Cassidy’s dad, actor Jack Cassidy, divorced his first wife (and David’s mom) Evelyn Ward and eventually married actress Shirley Jones. According to Turner Classic Movies, when David auditioned for “The Partridge Family,” he had no idea his stepmother had already been cast as the musical family’s matriarch. The rest, as they say, is history!


2. He once worked as a mailroom clerk.

After Cassidy graduated high school in California 1968, he went to New York City to try his hand at acting. Like many struggling performers, he had to take on another job while looking for gigs. According to Turner Classic Movies, he worked as a mailroom clerk until he landed his first Broadway role in “The Fig Leaves are Falling,” a 1969 musical. Unfortunately, the show ran only four performances before closing. So, Cassidy decided to head back to California to continue his career. Needless to say, it turned out to be a good decision.

3. “The Partridge Family” Wasn’t Cassidy’s First TV Appearance.

Everyone knows Cassidy from his role as eldest brother Keith Partridge on “The Partridge Family.” But, did you know he was on TV numerous times before his big break? He appeared on “Mod Squad,” “Bonanza,” “Ironside,” and “Marcus Welby, M.D.” before hitting it big with “Partridge” in 1970.

4. He Struggled With Being A Teen Idol.

During “The Partridge Family,” the character Keith Partridge started the series at age 16. However, David Cassidy was actually 20 years old when the series began filming. His youthful appearance and his acting skills helped convince teenage girls around the country that he was the latest teen idol. He may have been idolized by teens, but he wasn’t one of them!

According to the Guardian, Cassidy felt that it was hard to escape his first role. “I was pigeonholed as a teen idol [and] there’s no credibility,” he said. “I paid a tremendous personal price—it’s a very empty, isolated, lonely existence.”

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5. He Posed Nude For “Rolling Stone.”

During the heyday of his “Partridge Family” career, Cassidy started to get fed up with his squeaky clean image. He wanted to be taken more seriously as an actor. As may young people do, he decided to rebel and did an interview with “Rolling Stone” magazine. The in-depth piece from 1972 called “David Cassidy: Naked Lunch Box” gave fans a rare, behind-the scenes look at the teen idol.

Cassidy took his rebellion to the limit during his photo shoot for the cover. The picture, taken by the famous photographer Annie Leibovitz, caused quite the controversy because the entertainer wasn’t wearing any clothes. Back in those days, this was a risky move.

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