Daylight Saving Time Just Created A Lifetime Of Arguments For These Twin Brothers

Adjusting to the time change after Daylight Saving Time rolls around is definitely easier said than done. I know I’m not the only one yawning and thinking it’s time for bed at only 6 p.m., in part because it’s so dark outside.

Now, this struggle is real, but our problems of tiring early can be handled by a cup of coffee. Meanwhile, these parents have bigger issues on their hands, courtesy of Daylight Saving Time. Like, say, figuring out which of their twin newborns is older.

Emily and Seth Peterson gave birth to twin boys in the wee hours of Sunday, Nov. 6 right around the time the clock “rolls back.”

Apparently, one son, Samuel, was born at 1:39 a.m. and half an hour later Ronan was born. But, because time had changed, Ronan’s official birth time was marked as 1:10 a.m. So while Samuel is technically older, on paper, Ronan wins. Just imagine the debates these two are going to have in the years ahead about who’s really older!

The boys were born at Cape Cod Hospital, and one nurse said that in her over 40 years at the hospital, she’d never seen anything quite like this.

Something like this doesn’t happen everyday, that’s for sure. And it’s definitely something that takes a minute to pause and understand.

“My husband was the first to say it, ‘Here’s a riddle for you!’ ” Emily, 32, told ABC News. “It literally took me a day to wrap my head around it.”

“I personally think it’s kind of cool that one’s ‘older’ and one’s born first,” Seth, who is a trooper with the Massachusetts State Police, told the publication. “Hopefully they’re not going to be fighting over it for the rest of their lives.”

Of course, as People magazine points out, the twins also have a big sister, Aubrey, who’s now 2 years old. No doubt she’ll be sure to remind them in the years ahead that no matter what, she’s the oldest. So, at least they’ve got that part sorted out.

[h/t: Popsugar]