Little Boy’s Plea To Find A Home For A Deaf Labrador Is Absolutely Adorable

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Roman McConn is a 6-year-old boy with a special place in his heart for animals and he’s using his adorableness to help shelter dogs get adopted. His mom Jennifer McConn filmed a video of Roman pleaing for a home for a deaf 5-year-old Labrador named Legend, and it’s since gone viral. We’re not surprised, because this video is seriously too sweet!

In the video, Roman fills in the audience on all of the fun details about the dog. For instance, Lege d has a tickle spot and is “super funny,” the little boy said. The dog is also deaf and needs to find a home that’s “experienced with a dog that’s deaf,” he explained.

“We really, really need him a home,” Roman said in the video. “We hope Legend gets adopted.”

Since Roman’s video was originally posted to Facebook, it has garnered 49,000 views.  On Nov. 2, Legend was still looking for a home, but at the time of publication, Legend was no longer listed as up for adoption on the Human Society of Skagit Valley website. It’s possible that this Roman and Jennifer’s efforts to find Legend a home may have been successful! (Update, 11/10/17: Simplemost reached out to the shelter and learned Legend has not yet been adopted!)

This isn’t the first time Roman and his mom have made videos to help their local shelter place animals in loving homes, either—here’s one they recently made about another pup named Cambria. This is definitely a passion for the 6-year-old, and it has been for quite some time. When Roman was just four years old, he apparently gave up gifts at his birthday party and asked that guests instead make donations. “His fourth birthday he gave up gifts, to receive money as donations and he donated that back to a local rescue,” the mom told King 5 news.

Given the attention Legend’s video has gotten, it seems as though Roman and his mom have found a great way to help get dogs adopted. Cute kids and cute animals make a great combo.

See the adorable video below:

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