The easiest (and best) way to decorate your mantel for Christmas

As a busy mom of two, I’m always looking for ways to make my life easier. If there were a store where I could do all my holiday shopping at once, for example, I’d do it (oh wait, it turns out there is.)

This need for ease even applies to holiday decorations.

See, I have big ideas about how festive I’d like our home to look. The only hitch is that I can’t seem to find the time to, say, DIY my own wreath or hunt down decor trends that won’t break the bank.

Enter Lowe’s. I made a trip to the home improvement store recently and decided to purchase a few items that could help me spruce up our mantel for Christmas. I wanted a look that felt cozy yet stylish, and I needed to be able to achieve it without too many tools or a big time commitment.

Here were my two favorite mantel looks. I was able to set each of these up in under 20 minutes and for less than $150 each.

Note: The prices listed are accurate as of the time of publication, but may vary by market.

Mantel 1: Cozy And Traditional

A pine wreath and garland, red and green accents and white twinkling lights dress up my mantel with the warm, cozy look I was going for.

The cute white ceramic houses and glittery reindeer add more contemporary touches.

Here’s what I used:


I grabbed this classic-looking indoor/outdoor faux-pine wreath that features battery-powered lights. All I needed was one nail above my mantel (you could also use a heavy duty command strip if you don’t want to put a hole in the wall) and voila.


Price: $24.98


This 9-foot pre-lit garland fits perfectly across my mantel. I like that both the garland and wreath are indoor/outdoor, in case I decide to use them outside next year.


Price: $14.98


The classic coloring of these cute stockings helps them feel whimsical enough for my kids to enjoy while the geometric snowflake pattern adds the touch of sophistication I desire.

Price: $11.98

Ceramic Houses

These ceramic houses are sweet and simple. Bonus: They light up! Double bonus: Batteries are included.

Price: $10.38 each

Berry-Adorned Tree

I liked the pop of red this festive tree provides.

Price: $11.98


The birch-bark finish and glittery antlers of these decorative reindeer sold me. I doubled them up to balance out the the look.

Price: $11.98


Ornaments are an easy, inexpensive way to incorporate some shine into a mantel. I used a few gold and red ones from this collection to add warmth and shimmer. Bonus for those with kids: They’re shatter-proof.

Price: $10.98 for 12-pack

Total Price: $143.58

Mantel 2: Warm And Contemporary

Metallic has made a comeback in recent years, and it’s a trend I can’t get enough of. I pulled it into my mantel decor through this champagne-and-silver wreath, gold ribbon used as garland, and a few gold ornaments.

The modern-looking trees and festive reindeer also have some touches of shimmer in them to round out the look.

Andrew Miller for Simplemost

Here’s what I used for this second look:

Olive-Leaf Wreath

This champagne and silver olive-leaf wreath adds a modern twist to any indoor holiday decor. I love the warm shimmer it provides over my fireplace when its built-in LED lights are activated. Bonus: It comes with a built-in timer, so you won’t waste battery power if you forget to switch the lights off.

Price: $32.24


These white faux-fur stockings feel both elegant and modern.

Price: $10.38

Moss Trees

These simple moss-colored trees are a hip take on the classic Christmas tree. I like the subtle metallic string encircling them, and the option to turn on their built-in LEDs. I bought them in two sizes: 15-inch and 17-inch to add some varying height to my mantel.

Price: $10.38 for 15-inch, $13.58 for 17-inch

Ceramic House

I liked the simple, festive look of this ceramic house from the first look so much, I also included it in the second!

Price: $10.38


These glittery decorative reindeer provide a little burst of red, and they’re so cute I may end up using them on our dining room table for Christmas dinner as well.

Price: $11.98


I used the ornament trick here again to add some pops of shine. Using all gold ornaments in this case helps the mantel feel sophisticated.

Price: $10.98 for 12-pack

Gold Ribbon

You can use ribbon in all sorts of ways when it comes to Christmas decorations. I laid this gold metallic ribbon across the mantel in place of a typical evergreen garland. I considered layering in several more pieces of ribbon in other metallic colors but ultimately decided on this simple, streamlined look.

Price: $4.98

Total Price: $125.66

So there you have it: Two easy-to-execute holiday mantels for less than $150 that are sure to bring Christmas cheer into your home in no time!