9 Decorative Ways To Use Ceiling Medallions That Have Nothing To Do With Ceilings

Ceiling medallions add interest to a ceiling by surrounding any light fixture that hangs in a room. So, honestly, who’s paying attention to that medallion when there’s a gorgeous chandelier dangling below it? I know I usually don’t, and these accents are far too pretty to go unnoticed, if you ask me.

Check out 9 ways that you can use ceiling medallions as decoration around the home— everywhere but the ceiling. There are quite a few beautiful, creative uses for these, and I’d bet you never knew any of them existed. If you’re looking for a unique way to decorate, I think you just found one.

Let’s find out how you can spruce up that home, now, shall we?

1. Door Decoration

Medallions are made to surround a fixture, so why not have it surround a doorknob to give your door one elegant upgrade? Follow this tutorial.


2. Wall Décor

Add some texture and interest to your wall with this fancy 3D element. Follow this tutorial.


3. Clock

A clock medallion will add so much interest to your mantle, office desk, or wherever you decide to place it. Follow this tutorial.


4. Monogrammed Medallion

For a personalized addition to your home, monogram a medallion. This makes a great wedding gift, by the way! Follow this tutorial.


5. Picture Frame

Don’t use a boring wooden picture frame for your family photos. Surround those smiles with an intricate ceiling medallion, instead. Follow this tutorial.


6. Accent Wall

You can easily create an accent wall by displaying multiple medallions in one area. It makes for one simple, yet beautiful work of art. Follow this tutorial.


7. Mirror

You can also place a mirror inside a medallion to add a glamorous touch to your powder room. Follow this tutorial.


8. Wreath

Make a wreath that’s good indoors and outdoors, no matter what season it is by painting a medallion and tying a big bow around it. Follow this tutorial.


9. Side Table

If you’re feeling extra crafty, you can DIY a side table using a medallion. It’ll add class to any seating area for a very reasonable price. Follow this tutorial.


Ceiling medallions make for a great piece of decoration. They look expensive, but can be picked up at your local hardware store for a cheap price. It’s time to get crafty and add a major luxe feeling to your space. Try any of these ideas for the perfect weekend project. Your home is sure to be all the more fabulous for it.

[h/t: Apartment Therapy]