Deep fried s’mores are insanely decadent

Hailing from the south, I’m not one to deny the joys of deep frying. In fact, I’d argue that almost everything tastes better wrapped in a doughy, yet crispy fried batter — and yes, that includes s’mores.

Now, I must admit that I’ve never thought of deep-frying s’mores myself, but this recipe from Pretty Prudent has me questioning every dessert decision I’ve ever made up until now. Because seriously — why didn’t this ever cross my mind?

But there’s no time to live with regrets. We just have to make up for lost time. Thankfully, the Pretty Prudent recipe will walk you through all of the ingredients and steps you need to finally fulfill your dessert destiny and fry up your favorite camp treat.

Start by gathering graham crackers, marshmallow fluff and a chocolate bar (or even Nutella) to create your s’more. The recipe says marshmallow fluff works better than actual marshmallows if you want your batter to keep from burning when it’s time to fry these up.

Once your s’more is assembled, a very important step is to wrap them up in foil and freeze them for at least an hour to make sure the center holds up against hot, bubbling oil.

To create your own batter from scratch, you’ll need flour, baking powder, milk, eggs, salt and sugar.

Once that’s prepared, dunk your frozen s’more down into the batter until it’s completely covered. Then, fry it in 360–370-degree oil until the batter’s nice and golden brown and perfectly fluffy.

The end result is a fried dough that gives way to a melty chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker-filled center. Can you think of anything more delicious?

Pretty Prudent

And if you want to make this even easier — you know, so you can get them in your mouth faster — you can skip the step of making the batter from scratch and go with egg roll wrappers as the “dough,” as the recipe from Oh, Bite It! suggests.

This version also suggests sprinkling graham cracker crumbs instead of using an entire graham cracker so that you still get the taste of the cracker, but the crunch comes solely from the fried egg roll wrapper. Yum!

Oh, Bite It!

There’s no wrong way to make this dessert — so long as you make it. Because now that we’re all aware that deep fried s’mores exist, we’re practically obligated to make them and try them. We owe it to our taste buds, don’t we?


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