Deer Photo Bombs Baby’s Photo Shoot – And It’s Adorable

What originally was supposed to be a newborn’s fall photo shoot, turned into something incredible. Megan Rion, owner of Imagine That Photography, was snapping Connor’s 1 month baby photos when a deer wandered into the frame, curious about the decorations and yummy smelling props.

Rion told CountryLiving, “We had the set up for baby Conner all fixed and we were trying to console him and get him into position while Maggie just strolled up behind us.”

Rion recognized the deer (named Maggie) because she was a rescue that had been released into the park. In fact, Maggie has made appearances in many of Rion’s photoshoots. See Imagine That’s Facebook page for the photos.

In an article by PopSugar, it was noted that Rion’s assistant encouraged the deer to step into view with an ear of corn.

Regardless, the resulting photo is quite special – what do you think?