This Delicious, Cheesy Dip Will Make You The Hero Of Every Party

The holiday parties are coming in quick succession now, if they haven’t already come down on you like an avalanche of joyous occasions. When it comes to cooking for all of those parties you may feel more like picking up a cake from the store than actually making anything.

But, that’s because you haven’t been introduced to this recipe yet.

Enter Hot Gruyere and White Wine Chicken Dip, the cheesiest, ooeyest, gooeyest dip you’ve ever laid eyes on. It’s packed with hearty organic chicken, tangy sour cream, decadent Gruyere cheese and fresh thyme for some brightness and depth.

The recipe is from Amanda Paa’s blog Heartbeet Kitchen, and it’s basically a Christmas miracle. Seriously, this dip is so good that even if you end up at parties with the same people over and over again, they won’t mind that you keep preparing the same dish.

Paa comes right out and says there is no place for watching your waistline in this dip. And we’re with her—all good things in moderation. “There should be no reason to feel ashamed to eat good food,” she says.

So are you ready to learn how to make this dream-in-a-cast-iron-skillet? All you do is sauté diced chicken in some olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic and remove it from the pan.

Next sauté diced onion until soft and nicely browned. Deglaze the pan with white wine and toss in some fragrant springs of fresh thyme. Add the chicken back in the skillet and add more white wine, chicken stock, sour cream, one cup of cheese, black pepper and minced thyme.

Smooth it all out, top with another cup of cheese, and pop in a 375° oven until browned on top and melted and bubbly.

Now, if you insist on making this a little healthier, Paa does offer a few substitutions, but warns that this dish just won’t be as tasty. We’ll stick to the original, but if you really want to cut a few calories, you can sub mozzarella for Gruyere, chicken breasts for thighs, and Greek yogurt for sour cream.

Get the complete recipe here, then get ready to be the star of your next party. And remember, you don’t have to quit making this once the holidays are over. This dip would also be a winning addition to a Super Bowl party!