Deliciously gooey snickerdoodle cobbler will warm up the coldest days—and it’s so easy to make

Can you imagine taking a classic cookie recipe like a snickerdoodle and kicking it up to another level of yummy awesomeness? I don’t know about you, but there is something so wonderful about the simple snickerdoodle: maybe it’s the delicate crunch of the sugar cookie blended with the warm cinnamon flavor. The snickerdoodle is already a family favorite, especially during the holidays. Now, imagine making it into … wait for it … a warm, spoonable cobbler.

Now that you’re drooling, I have a few recipes to share with you to try over the holidays. Each of them are a little different. Some have fruit, while others rely solely on a repurposed cookie recipe. But all of them look like something we need to try immediately.

If you’re looking to simply shake up the basic cookie recipe, check out the Cookies and Cups version of the snickerdoodle cobbler. The stand-out of this recipe looks to be an incredible sauce that forms at the bottom of the cobbler during baking. Plus, as she notes in the recipe, you probably already have all of the ingredients in your pantry, and her Instagram video of the cobbler does make it look pretty easy:

Want to blend two incredible desserts to make something new for your holiday table? How about trying Krusteaz’s snickerdoodle-apple pie combo cobbler. Yes, you read that correctly. Two of the best comfort dishes blended into one decadent dessert. And, one last thing brings this recipe over the top: caramel. I’m not sure how long this would last on any table.


Call Me PMC’s recipe for snickerdoodle cobbler is a version of a dump dessert. The name might sound unappetizing, but dump desserts are some of the easiest to bake. Plus, they can produce flavors that would otherwise take you hours to bake, thanks to self-creating sauces and crunchy, crumb-like tops.

PMC recommends serving this cobbler hot and accompanied by a tasty vanilla ice cream. Yum!

Finally, House of Yumm calls this snickerdoodle cobbler recipe both easy and “kind of magical,” noting that it makes its own caramel sauce as it bakes. The fact that anyone can make this yummy cinnamon cake in under an hour should make it a must-bake dessert for the holiday season.

These all look irresistible!

Will you be making a snickerdoodle cobbler this winter?