Depression-era ‘Crazy Cake’ is made without eggs, milk or butter

Sweet Little Bluebird

Crazy cake, also known as Wacky Cake or Depression Cake, is super moist and delicious but requires no eggs, milk, butter, bowls or mixers! It’s become my family’s go-to cake recipe for egg or dairy allergies. Making Crazy Cake is also a great activity to do with kids!

For years, my youngest child never had a real cake for her birthday, always preferring an ice cream cake. I know there are worse things in life, but no cake? That just stinks!

Finally, my good friend shared her mom’s Chocolate Crazy Cake recipe. Within minutes of my friend sharing the recipe, I whipped up the cake while talking to her on the phone (that’s how easy it is to make!). No bowls. No mess. I mixed everything right in the baking pan.

Sweet Little Bluebird

When the cake was done, frosted and ready to eat, I could not believe how moist it was. We’d tried other egg-free recipes and replacements over the years, but they were just okay, never great. This cake, though, is crazy-good and my family loved it. From that day on, it was goodbye to the same old ice cream cake we had for every single birthday and hello to this delicious real chocolate cake!

I did a little research on Crazy Cake recipes. These cakes were created during the Great Depression when eggs, milk and butter were very hard to come by. People were pretty resourceful during those hard times. It took some creativity and baking science to create a cake without eggs or butter. And you don’t even need a mixer to make this — genius!

Get the recipe from Sweet Little Bluebird.

Looking for wonderful cakes that are egg- and dairy-free, and vegan? Be sure to check out my Crazy Cakes page with all my Crazy Cake flavor options!

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