Desert rose is the pretty pink hair color that is trending for spring

Every week, it seems there’s a new hair style du jour. Already this year, we’ve longed for glitterage, ghosted looks, denim dye jobs and even peanut butter and jelly hues. The sky is the limit for creative colorists across the country.

If you have a soft spot for the Southwest, the next hue you’re going to crave is desert rose. This muted dusty tone comes from a colorist in St. Louis. Caitlin Ford painted the now-viral hue on her hair model Lauren Stubbs.

She used a softer orange tone than other rose gold colors of trends past, and balanced it with a blue-green. As a result, strands take on a mauve and magenta tone with movement. Some of Stubbs’ platinum strands shine through for extra depth:

Her coloring technique also sets the shade apart from other rosy tones. She taps into images from the desert and paints horizontal lines like those on eagle feathers and coon tails. She uses “a deep, smoky, cooled-down magenta” and grey for the strips.

It’s not only beautiful. The multi-tonal shade is especially meaningful for Ford. The stripes in the hair make her nostalgic for coon tails from her childhood.

Ford also shared in one of her Instagram shots how she keeps her clients’ colored hair healthy. She relies on the Total Results Rebond system from Matrix. This multi-step regimen essentially strengthens hair and protects it against future damage. As a result, it’s especially beneficial for colored or processed strands, even if your dye job is more natural and simple.

Crazy For Color

This color is definitely shaking things up. Stubbs, her desert rose hair model, shared this fun video on her Instagram in order to show the shade in action.

No need for rose-colored glasses. In fact, this desert rose hue looks lovely in any light. Will you go dusty rose next?