Designers Making Fashionable Hospital Gowns To Empower Sick Kids

A group of Toronto-based fashion designers has teamed up with Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada to make fashion forward hospital gowns for sick teens. The collaboration is called Ward + Robes, and already they are making a big splash.

The project recently delivered 100 newly designed gowns to children and teens at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO).

Trevor Dicaire, the senior vice president of development at Starlight told BuzzFeed News, “we had to see if these [gowns] would actually make a difference for the teens who donned them.”

Turns out, the impact was immediate. “Seeing the smiles, hearing the giggles, watching the excitement… I knew we had to bring this program to as many hospitalized teens in Canada as possible,” Dicaire said.

His group plans to roll out the gowns to more than 130 hospitals across Canada. Recognizing the struggle of sick teens, he added, “this was a perfect program to provide them with a sense of hope, empowerment and individuality.”

Seeing these smiles from the newly robed teens, we couldn’t agree more. Those interested in donating to the cause or even designing gowns for sick teens can visit the Ward + Robes website. Watch the video below to learn more about the organization: