7 Designs To Inspire The Perfect Porch Style For Your Home

Our homes represent us. They show off a little of our style and perhaps even some of our quirkiness.

But how do we take our décor outdoors? Well, there are a few things to be considered. If you are someone who loves to entertain, a porch can give you that extra space you need to do so. If you are someone who prefers the quiet life, then a more simplistic approach may be best.

Here are a few different porches to start you dreaming and inspire your design.

1. Beach Getaway

Simplicity is key here. You don’t need anything distracting you from the view.  Open beams, low railings, some comfortable seats and a small table to hold your refreshments.


2. Mountain Escape

A screened-in porch allows you to enjoy the space long into the night as annoying insects are kept at bay. An overhead fan is another pleasurable feature to keep the evening air circulating.


3. Southern Comfort

Two pieces are mandatory on the traditional Southern-style porch: rocking chairs and a porch swing. These will invite guests to come, relax and enjoy some Southern hospitality. Perhaps you should even have some ice-cold sweet tea on hand.

4. Outdoor Living Room

This type of porch offers all the comforts of home—outdoors. Here you will undoubtedly need a rug to define your space, as well as an array of comfortable seating to encourage conversation.


5. Warm Rustic Lodge

This porch centers around the fireplace which adds warmth and coziness in a way that nothing else can. Any hand-crafted wooden furniture is a welcome addition. Also, try to stick to earth tones out here—the more natural the better.


6. Style Fusion

This is a porch that finds a way to combine several styles into a truly unique space. Here we see a traditional porch furniture material — wicker — in a more modern setting, thanks to the shape of the loveseats and accents in the room.

Sunroom in luxury home with wicker furniture
Sunroom in luxury home with wicker furniture

7. Made For Entertaining

If you plan to do a lot of hosting on your porch, it can help to set up a couple different seating areas. This option has a dedicated space for dining as well as one for after-dinner lounging and conversation.