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This Device Is The Answer To ‘Where Do I Put My Condiments?’ When You Eat Fast Food In The Car

Enjoy your ketchup or barbecue sauce while in your car!

It happens to all of us—it’s late, you’re hungry and still have more places to go before you’re home. You try to avoid a fast food snack attack, but you see those gleaming Golden Arches in the distance and you just can’t resist.

Two words: French. Fries.


But if you’ve ever eaten fast food in your car, chances are you’ve also probably spilled fast food in your car. It’s not easy and if you’re eating anything that includes sauce, like French fries or chicken nuggets, chances are also likely you’ve got some condiment stains somewhere in your vehicle.

If your car smells like expired ranch dressing, bbq sauce or ketchup, listen up because a new Kickstarter campaign is exactly what you need.


Meet: the DipClip, a holster that fits into most car vents and holds whatever sauce your dip-loving heart desires. Pure genius!


DipClip creators, Milkmen Design, tested multiple sauces from fast food chains like McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King and Chick-fil-A to make sure the containers all fit. It also holds about five packets of sauce if your favorite condiment comes in packet form instead of a container. It can go in the front vent if you or a passenger are eating, or in the back vents if your children are the lucky ones.


It’s clear that people are already loving this, as the project has surpassed it’s $10,000 goal with more than $33,000 pledged at the time of this story. And reactions in a video posted on the Kickstarter page show just what fast food lovers have to say about the DipClip.

Not a fan of fast food? The DipClip can also be used for healthier options, like carrots and ranch, hummus and crackers or even sushi!


Not that you should be eating any of this while you drive (especially sushi!), by the way. So “dunk responsibly” and not if you’re behind the wheel.

If you’d like to back this project, head over to its Kickstarter page. Just in time for the holidays, you can even buy one as a gift and send a card letting the dip lover in your life know they’ll be getting their very own DipClip when they ship, which is sometime in March 2018.