DiGiorno is making a buffalo chicken pizza and the crust is stuffed with cheese and ranch

We’ve all gotten pretty jaded about extreme food combinations (or “Frankenfood“), from Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos tacos to KFC’s “chizza” (a pizza with a fried chicken crust). But here’s a crazy combo you can heat up at home — and it’s a virtual cornucopia of junk-food favorites.

DiGiorno recently unveiled a buffalo-chicken pizza with cheese-stuffed crust, which sounds pretty intense on its own.

But wait, there’s more: The sauce is ranch, and the crust is stuffed with ranch-seasoned cheese. As in, pizza plus chicken wings plus ranch, all in one frozen pie.



If you’re hearing the roar of the game-day crowd while considering this pizza, you’re probably not alone. Wings and pizza are a time-honored football treat, but they’re usually served separately. Here they are together, in a hand-held format, and with the ranch-dressing dip already on board.

Of course, not everyone might be into a buffalo-ranch chicken pizza. Not a problem — DiGiorno also makes a “California-style” chicken-bacon-ranch stuffed crust pizza, too.

This one’s got chicken and bacon, naturally, and also the ranch-seasoned cheese in the crust. An avocado sauce, tomatoes and red onions complete the California-club-sandwich vibe.



And, oh my gosh, there’s a taco version, too, with nacho cheese, ground beef and a “taco-seasoned” stuffed crust. Will wonders never cease?

Imagine: You can please all of your Super Bowl guests by throwing a few of these bad boys in the oven in the second quarter and have a few platters’-worth of snacks ready to eat by halftime. (And possibly have everyone asleep soon after.)

Keep a sharp eye out next time you’re grocery shopping, though. I did a quick search for the pizzas at Walmarts in my city, and they were already sold out at most locations I tried. Apparently everyone’s got the same idea for the playoff weeks ahead.

Personally, I’m a fan of the DiGiorno thin crust Margherita, but I’m a boring dork. Get out there and live your pizza dreams, people!