Dill pickle chicken salad will be your newest obsession

Dill pickles are all the rage lately. The flavor has popped up in everything from pasta salad to mozzarella sticks to even cupcakes. If you’re looking for a new recipe from which to get your dill pickle fix, chicken salad is an ideal vehicle. Try out this dill pickle chicken salad from Together as Family.

This tangy chicken salad is perfect to serve on rolls, croissants or even on a bed of lettuce if you’re watching your carbs. I love my chicken salad on pretzel rolls, and I imagine those would be awesome vessels for this chicken salad as well.

These sandwiches make for convenient take-to-work lunches and they’re perfect as a handheld party food. You could even make them as mini sandwiches with toothpicks as part of an appetizer spread.

The recipe comes together with just a few easy ingredients: rotisserie chicken (or about 4 cups of shredded or diced chicken), diced dill pickles and sliced green onions. You’ll also need a few additional items, like cream cheese, mayonnaise and dried dill, for the dressing, although you’ll probably have most of them in your pantry or fridge already.

Start with a rotisserie chicken to make your prep time even easier and faster. If the dressing is a little too creamy for you, try reducing the amount of cream cheese by half. Adding a bit more pickle juice will also thin out the dressing, as well as adding in some more dill pickle flavor. If you want even more crunch, toss in some additional veggies, such as celery.

Together as Family

Another tasty way to enjoy dill pickles and chicken is with these pickle-brined chicken wings from Macheesmo. Sub these in for traditional buffalo chicken wings at your next party for a delicious new twist on the old favorite.

The blogger behind the recipe, Nick, says the wings don’t actually have a very strong pickle flavor, despite the fact that the recipe incorporates the juice from a 24-ounce jar of pickles. Still, he promises they’re juicy and tender with just an added hint of pickle flavor.

The entire recipe takes about an hour and a half to make (including prep time), but it’ll be worth it once your family and friends start chowing them. For a final touch, serve the wings with ranch or blue cheese dressing and a few pickle spears on the side. Yum!


Do you have a favorite dill pickle recipe?