Dill pickle crescent pinwheels are perfect for parties


Are you looking for a savory snack for game day or family movie night that is a bit more unique than chicken wings or chips and dip? Look no further than dill pickle crescent pinwheels!

These flaky little handheld bites might look delicate, but the petite pinwheels are packed with tangy, creamy flavor, and plenty of pickle punch. With only four ingredients and requiring 40 minutes of prep, you can have this Instagram-worthy appetizer ready to serve quickly and easily.

The recipe comes from Pillsbury, so of course the recipe calls for Pillsbury refrigerated crescent dough sheets or a can of Pillsbury refrigerated crescent rolls. The other ingredients are chive-and-onion cream cheese, cooked ham and a jar of dill pickles.


Since you will be spreading the cream cheese on the crescent rolls, it might be a good idea to opt for a whipped cream cheese, as it will spread better without tearing the delicate dough. You can also buy pre-cooked, pre-diced ham, which will be easier to sprinkle on top.

Pat dry and cut the dill pickles, then scatter them on top of the cream cheese and ham mixture. Finally, roll up the dough, slice into 1-inch bites and stick them in the oven for just under 15 minutes.


The nice thing about this recipe is you can reconfigure the ingredients to suit your own tastebuds or your family’s preferences. Make it vegetarian by leaving out the ham and using cubed cheddar cheese instead, creating a cheesy, gooey pickle pinwheel.

Or what if you don’t like chives and onions? No problem. Use a plain cream cheese or a sun-dried tomato cream cheese.

Serve the finished bites with a dipping sauce like ranch dressing or even chipotle ranch dressing for an added kick. You can make your own by blending ranch dressing and a can of chipotle chiles in adobo sauce. Yum!


Who knew everyday appetizers could be so elegant?

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