This Is Not A Drill: Dill Pickle Dip Is Here

Heluva Good pickle dip
Heluva Good

From the makers of that French onion dip you can’t resist comes a dill pickle dip worthy of the same cult status. Heluva Good’s Dill Pickle Dip is already a Canadian favorite, and now the company is giving the United States a taste of what we’ve been missing. And boy, were we missing something!

Maybe you’re like me and you flock to Trader Joe’s to stock up on dill pickle popcorn when it’s available each year. Or maybe you slightly lost your mind when your favorite chip manufacturers finally saw the light and released dill pickle flavors. Whether you have an on-again-off-again relationship with pickles or you’re in a long-term relationship with them, dill pickle dip is for you. It turns out pickles are very on-trend for 2018, too.

Heluva Good pickle dip
Heluva Good

The milk- and cream-based dip is similar in consistency to the Heluva Good dips you already know and love. But as soon as you lift that lid, you’re in another place completely. Upon first bite, you’re met with flavors of dill, garlic powder and tiny pieces of real pickle. Imagine opening a fresh jar of pickles and that’s what you’ll taste with this dip.

dill pickle photo
Flickr | Chris Pople

After receiving a container of dill pickle dip from Heluva Good to taste-test, I first tried it by itself with a spoon. And honestly, you could just eat it like that! But for the sake of appropriate social behavior, I opened up a fresh bag of potato chips.

potato chips photo
Getty Images | Dan Kitwood

Or, you can make your own tortilla chips for dipping!

The saltiness of the chip combined with the creaminess of the dip and the pieces of pickle really is everything. This is a great option for people who aren’t ready to fully commit to a bag of pickle potato chips but they want the option of pickle-izing their snack foods.

pickles photo
Flickr | dierken

The dill reminded me of some of my favorite veggie dips, so I tried it with carrots and cucumber. There’s something so satisfying about dunking veggies in dip, and this does not disappoint. I think it would also be great with tomatoes. For testing sake, I also tried the dip with pretzels and wheat crackers.

pretzels bowl photo
Flickr | JuditK

I liked it better with crackers than pretzels, but hey, to each their own.

Heluva Good recommends pairing the dip with BBQ-flavored chips, pickle-flavored chips and even plain old pickles. I would even dip my favorite fried pickles in it alongside a cold beer. Goodbye ranch, hello dill pickle dip!

To find out where you can but this pickle dip near you, use Heluva Good’s product locator tool.

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If you love all things pickle-flavored, you’ll be happy to know just how many options you have these days. There is dill pickle-infused vodka, of course. It’s perfect for mixing up Bloody Marys.

Cool off on a hot day with a pickle popsicle. Yes, this is actually a thing! In fact, some people believe pickle juice prevents muscle cramping so these savory frozen treats are being marketed to athletes.

Just when you think you’ve tried every pickle-flavored product there is to try, someone goes and invents pickle-flavored¬†cupcakes. That might be a bit much for even the biggest pickle enthusiast. But if you’re eager to taste them, whip up a batch with this recipe from Delish, which includes pickle juice in the batter and bourbon in the frosting.

When the holidays roll around, you’ll want to stock up on pickle-flavored candy canes. Perfect for stuffing the stockings of all your pickle-obsessed loved ones. Fortunately, they are available year-round on Amazon.


What’s your favorite pickle-flavored treat?

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