Dill Pickle Ranch Chex Mix Is The Absolute Best Party Snack

Dill pickle ranch Chex mix
Betty Crocker

If you’re a little bored with the usual party snacks, we don’t blame you. Don’t get us wrong — we love a cheese board. But chips and dip are a little tired. Wings are messy. We’re over carrot sticks and hummus. But if you’re a lover of crunch, salt and the delicious taste of dill pickles, then we have the perfect recipe for you.

Dill pickle ranch Chex mix is a fun snack that combines a touch of ranch with the classic taste of Chex for an addictive, easy-to-make snack in just 15 minutes.

A recipe on Betty Crocker’s site shows how easy it is to whip up some Dill pickle ranch Chex mix.

First, gather a base mix of Chex cereals, garlic bagel chips and pretzel pieces together.


Then coat the mix with a combination of dill weed and pickle juice oil, incorporate the dry ranch dressing mix, microwave everything and allow to cool. It’s a quick recipe that packs a ton of flavor and it’s ideal for sharing come game day.


Blogger Kelsey at Nosh City offers a slightly different recipe and it looks equally tasty. In addition to Crispix cereal (similar to Chex) and pretzels, she includes cheese Ritz Bitz, which adds an extra layer of cheesy goodness to the already-addictive recipe.

While the Nosh City recipe contains nuts, they can easily be removed for guests who may have food allergies.


For those of us who prefer a more sweet and salty combination, the blog Sally’s Baking Addiction offers a homemade Chex mix recipe that’s basically a flavor explosion. It’s coated in a combination of butter, Worcestershire sauce, honey and hot sauce. Not surprisingly, it tastes incredible.

For even more kick, spices — including chili powder and garlic powder — are sprinkled on to everything before the mix is baked for an hour.


These aren’t the only variations on the addictive snack out there. This Churro Chex Party Mix might be one of the best of the bunch. If you like the sweet, cinnamon taste of the popular churro pastry, you’re going to love it as the featured flavor in this crunchy homemade snack from Chex.

This yummy treat can be made in the microwave, which makes it ideal for little ones to help out in the kitchen. It’s also ready in just 15 minutes, so if you’re searching for a last-minute contribution to a potluck or party, this recipe can be made in a snap. All it takes is some Chex cereal and a few other simple ingredients you likely already have on hand.


Churros are one of the world’s oldest foods, and versions of the snack are popular in a variety of cultures, including Spanish, French, Chinese and Portuguese cuisine. Although historians may be divided on exactly when and where the churro was first invented, there’s one thing we can all agree on: Churros are insanely delicious!


Check out this take on cinnamon-sugar Chex Mix from One Little Project At A Time. Her version is baked in the oven, which is guaranteed to have the added benefit of gracing your whole home with an intoxicating cinnamon-sugar smell. The blogger says this seriously addictive snack will disappear quickly, whether you serve it at a party, as an after-school snack or for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

Another fun way to enjoy the cinnamon-sugar flavor in a cereal-based snack is with churro Cheerios — aka Churrios.

This recipe from My 3 Monsters takes plain old Cheerios and transforms them into a sweet, fried treat that would be right at home at a state fair.


It’s going to be so hard to choose which of these Chex mixes to make this season, that’s for sure!

What are some of your go-to party snacks?

Additional reporting by Kate Streit. 

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