Dill Pickle Vodka Martinis Will Become Your Go-To Cocktail


If you’re looking for a way to switch up your after-work cocktail situation, say hello to your new go-to drink. Adding salty dill pickles will take your dirty martini up a notch. That simple twist creates a drink that will delight pickle lovers and martini lovers alike.

The recipe from Rhubarbarians not only teaches you how to make the cocktail, but it also walks you through the steps of making your own pickle-infused vodka from scratch. So, it’ll be far from amateur hour whenever you decide to play bartender at home.

For starters, you’ll want to follow the steps for infusing your own vodka. The process requires steeping fresh dill, cucumbers, garlic, whole black peppercorn and mustard seeds in high-quality vodka for seven days.

Once that step is complete, it’s time to whip up a cocktail by mixing the homemade vodka with dry vermouth and pickle juice. Garnish with pickles or pickle slices. And there you have it — your new favorite alcohol and pickle combination. Cheers to that!


In case you’d rather take this cocktail on a test run before you commit to infusing your own vodka, this recipe from The Five O’Clock Cocktail Blog will show you how it’s done. According to the blog, the key to a good pickle martini is to have just a hint of pickle juice flavor without overwhelming the martini. To pull this off, use a combination of dry gin, dry vermouth and only 1/4 ounce of pickle juice.

It also suggests garnishing with a pickle slice or a bleu-cheese stuffed olive.

Five O'Clock Cocktail Blog

Now that you uncovered your new favorite cocktail, you may want to show off your martini-making skills and serve up a batch for your pickle-loving friends at your next get-together. And when you do, you’ll also want to have some delicious appetizers to serve at your happy hour.

Be sure to check out appetizer options such as stuffed pickles. The recipe from Mid-Life Croissant calls for hulled-out pickles that are stuffed with goat cheese and other spices.

Mid-Life Croissant

You can also go for this crowd-pleasing pickle cheeseball from Little Dairy On The Prairie. It will pair well with crackers, bagel chips and more for your snacking pleasure.

Little Dairy On The Prairie

There’s no way pickle-flavored martinis and snacking options like these could disappoint. So, don’t be shy about hosting the next after-work drinking session. Your home will be better than any bar around as long as you’ve got drinks and snacks this good on hand.

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