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Ever since its launch, Disney+ has been delighting fans with both brand-new content developed for the streaming platform as well as old favorites. Now, the latest throwback series to hit Disney+ is the ’90s cult classic “Dinosaurs.” The wacky sitcom followed a family of anthropomorphic pre-historic creatures coping with the ups and downs of everyday life in the modern world.

The news that the Muppet-based show would soon be available on the streaming service was leaked by actor Ryan Reynolds during the series premiere of the game show “Don’t” on ABC. Dinsey has yet to confirm that the show will make a return Dinsey+.

News site What’s on Disney+, which first reported Reynolds’ slip, mentioned on their YouTube channel that the show hasn’t been available to stream anywhere in a while. One of the few ways you can watch is by buying it through Amazon, through Prime Video or DVD:

The original series was produced by Disney, Michael Jacobs Productions and the Jim Henson Company and aired on ABC from 1991 to 1994. The five members of the Sinclair dinosaur family were voiced by Stuart Pankin (patriarch Earl Sinclair), Jessica Walter (matriarch Fran Sinclar), Jason Willinger (eldest child Robbie Sinclair), Sally Struthers (middle child Charlene Sinclair) and Kevin Clash (Baby Sinclair), who voiced the show’s famous catchphrase, “Not the mama!”

What’s on Disney+ reported that the show is expected this fall.


Although it’s been off the air for more than 20 years, there’s a good chance it will still resonate with modern audiences. As Amanda Dobbins pointed out in a 2011 piece for Vulture that revisited the show, the sitcom was not afraid to delve into social issues of the day.

More recently, in honor of the 25th anniversary of the series’ premiere in 2016, show writer Dave Caplan spoke to Refinery 29 about how many of the themes explored in “Dinosaurs” are still relevant today.

“There’s still this stuff about ecology, politics, relationships between men and women and the fight for equality, and have any of those things really gone away?” he asked in the interview. “I think they get marginally better as we go, but it’s always a fight. It was a parody then, but maybe it’s not a parody if the problems are still with us.”

Will you tune in to see how “Dinosaurs” holds up in 2020?

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