Disney bar crawls are popping up around the world

“Bar crawl” and “Disney” are two things that normally wouldn’t go together, unless, of course, you’re talking about enjoying a world of adult beverages at Epcot.

But a British company called Hullabaloo Promotions is organizing a number of Disney-themed bar crawls out in the real world. In other words, dreams do come true.

The idea is pretty simple. Participants dress up as their favorite Disney characters and go from bar to bar, knocking back a few cocktails as they go. This actually sounds like a pretty epic night out!

The “character crawls” are taking place throughout September in Glasgow, Birmingham and Bristol in the U.K. The company Facebook page indicates that they held similar events throughout the U.K. back in April. Here’s a video of participants partying in costume after a previous bar crawl:

It looks pretty fun, right? Tickets are £5 (which comes out to about $6.40). Included in your ticket is entry to each venue, special drink offers, a dedicated crawl rep, games and competitions as well as entry to the after-party.

That’s right: once you’re done with your Disney bar crawl, there’s an after party. Pace yourself.

Here’s a shot of some pretty princesses all dressed up during the crawl back in April:

While Hullabaloo Promotions has not brought their particular bar crawl across the pond to the U.S. yet,  a similar event is being organized stateside. In Nashville, you can hit up the “Twisted Disney Bar Crawl” on Sept. 2.

The event description reads:

“Join this enchanting yet twisted event as we party at the best party bars downtown Nashville! Honkytonks to rooftops! Join thousands from around the globe coming together to get twisted! Become a part of the most twisted yet magical event to hit Nashville. Cryptic characters, risqué and twisted princesses, & sinister sidekicks are all welcome as we frolic corruptly around downtown Nashville. ”

Tickets are $20 for general admission, $45 for a V.I.P. package, or $64 for a group of four general admission tickets.

If you haven’t heard of such an event in your neck of the woods, no one’s stopping you from putting one together! Just round up your friends, throw on some Mickey Mouse ears and head to your favorite pub. Voila!