Disney Launches A ‘Beauty And The Beast’-Themed European Cruise

We don’t blame you if watching Disney’s live-action rendition of “Beauty and the Beast” stirred up some wanderlust. From castle to countryside and, of course, the quaint French village that was Belle’s hometown, the 2017 movie starring Emma Watson showcased some pretty awe-inspiring settings.

Premiere Of Disney's 'Beauty And The Beast' - Arrivals
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But don’t just chalk up those destinations as fantasy! Soon, you’ll be able to feel like you’re stepping foot into a real-life fairy tale because Adventures by Disney announced its cruise ships will set sail along the Rhine River for a “Beauty and the Beast”-inspired cruise.

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The cruises, which are scheduled for 2018, will make stops in destinations that were the muse of the 2017 movie. The itinerary shows a stop in Riquewihr, a storybook medieval town in northeastern France with quaint homes, cobblestone streets and architecture dating back to the 13th-century.

Riquewihr photo
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Adventures by Disney says it served as one of the inspirations for “Beauty and the Beast.” And, yes, among the activities at this stop is the option to go horseback riding.

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Guests will cruise on the AmaKristina or AmaStella ships throughout Europe, stopping in villages reminiscent of the movie. Of course, there will be on-board activities centered around the “tale as old as time,” including a “Beauty and the Beast”-themed dinner. (No promises that the silverware will be able to talk, though).

rudesheim germany photo
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Plus, there will be movie showings and karaoke aboard the ship.

beauty and the beast photo
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Other itinerary options include tours of castles, museums and churches. One stop is at Siegfried’s Mechanical Music Cabinet Museum, which holds a collection of musical boxes—something we’re sure Belle’s inventive father would enjoy.

Siegfried’s Mechanical Music Cabinet Museum photo
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The eight-day cruise starts in Basel, Switzerland and ends in Amsterdam. Stops include Strasbourg, France; Mannheim, Germany; Rudesheim, Germany; and Cologne, Germany.

strasbourg france photo
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Want more “Beauty and the Beast”-themed travel? You can rent real-life castles that looks like they could be straight from the movie. You don’t have to be on a Disney princess budget, either. They start at $59 per night.

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