Disney Is Making A Live-Action ‘The Lion King’


Disney has exciting news: There’s a new Lion King on its way! Well, a new version of the same story, anyway.


Walt Disney Studios has recently announced that they will be collaborating with Jon Favreau in creating a live-action adaption of “The Lion King,” and we can hardly contain our excitement! The announcement was made over Twitter in a tweet from Favreau, naming his next project with a lion and a crown emoji…

In case you didn’t know, Favreau was the mastermind behind the recent live-action adaption of “The Jungle Book,” which has earned $968.5 million since its debut in April. Due to the film’s booming success, a sequel is in development. However, a release date has not been announced.

According to Business Insider, “The Lion King” will follow a musical format similar to the live-action “The Jungle Book.” We can expect to hear some of the original, award-winning songs from the 1994 animated film incorporated into the anticipated live-action film.

“The Lion King” is one of the most successful animated films in Disney history. According to Disney, its lifetime global box office gross is $968.8 million, including $422.8 million domestically. Per Disney, worldwide gross profits from “The Lion King” exceed that of any film, Broadway show or entertainment title in box office history.

With a record like that, it’s safe to say that the expectations are high for the new film (ours definitely are!).


Unfortunately, a release date for the film has not been announced yet, but we’ll be waiting!

[h/t: Business Insider]

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