Disney now has Little Mermaid Minnie ears and people are flipping their fins for them

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A trip to a Disney theme park is not complete without picking up a pair of Mickey or Minnie ears. There is something magical about finding the perfect set of ears, putting them on and strolling through your favorite park.

Back when I first starting going to Walt Disney World, my ear choices were limited to the classic black design — which is still one of my favorites! Today, though, Disney’s park guests have so many options! Whether you like a certain color (like trendy rose gold) or even a certain top-end fashion designer, there’s a pair of ears for you.

Disney’s newest pair of ears gets its inspiration from “Under the Sea,” and fans of “The Little Mermaid” are flipping their fins to find them in the parks!

Photos of “The Little Mermaid” ears have surfaced all over social media as guests at Disney parks around the world have been out searching to make the new ears part of their world (see what we did there?).

Instagram user and Disney fanatic @code_word_disney showed the new ears off beautifully at Disney’s California Adventure Park in Anaheim.


“The Little Mermaid” ears get their inspiration from the lovely mermaid Ariel. The ears are designed from a pair of purple clamshells embroidered with gold stripes because what else would any self-respecting mermaid wear up there? A large, seafoam-sequined bow adorns the middle of the ears to give them the aquatic feel and the spark and shine that Ariel brings to our world.

The headband is also intricately designed. On one side is a silhouette of Ariel herself, while the other side of the headband tips its hat (so to speak) to the undersea princess’s free spirit with the phrase, “Mermaid hair, don’t care.”

It will cost fans $27.99 to add “The Little Mermaid” ears to their growing collection of thingamabobs, along with a visit to their nearest Disney theme park, of course.

But it’s pretty clear Mickey Mouse ears keep getting cooler. And you can buy some really fun ones online at shopDisney’s website.

Check out these gorgeous gold ones that are brand new. They’re made from metal and will set you back a cool $178. But you’re definitely going to turn heads in this!


Or maybe just go with Imagination Pink or Magic Mirror Minnie Mouse headbands, which will only set you back about $27.99. Look at all the glitter and sequins!


This beautiful version is Briar Rose Gold, reflecting a popular color and a popular princess — “Sleeping Beauty.” But if you prefer, there are plenty of options that reflect other Disney princesses and characters.


If you’re less into sequins and more into florals, perhaps this lovely item is more your speed. It’s also $27.99 online and evokes springtime flowers, for sure!


And here’s a cool glowing one for the “Star Wars” fans in your life. It only costs $18.77 on shopDisney. Tie fighters and the Millennium Falcon?

Be right back, we’re getting our wallets.


Or how about this one, for fans of “The Lion King,” at $27.99? The style and colors definitely make it so we just can’t wait to be seen.



Wow! There are so many cool ways to express your personality and your love for Disney by way of these iconic ears. Which one do you like best?

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