Disney Princess Bikinis For Grown Women Are Now A Real Thing

With live-action versions of “Beauty and the Beast” and “The Little Mermaid” on the way, you’re likely feeling the love for Disney princesses just as strongly as you did when you were young. If that perfectly describes you, then you’ll be happy to know that there’s a brand that totally gets you, and they’re making it possible for your dreams of becoming a princess IRL to come true—at least at the beach!


Enchanted Bikinis sells Disney princess swimwear, and was apparently created for the biggest Disney fans around. They’re creating two-piece swimsuits that resemble the costumes of all of your favorite Disney heroines. You can rock bikinis that make you feel like Belle, Snow White, Jasmine and other animated leading ladies.

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According to the Enchanted Bikinis website, six styles of princess swimsuits are available for pre-order now. So, come summertime, you can be lounging by the pool like the true princess you are!

Enchanted Bikinis

If you’re not a huge Disney fan, we can’t promise that you’re going to love these suits. But despite looking like Disney character costumes, they do have some really cute and on-trend silhouettes. So, who knows, maybe you’d still want to rock these looks poolside.

The “Arabian Nights” Jasmine-inspired suit, for example offers off-the-shoulder straps that are so in for summer 2017. The top and bottom pieces of this swimwear line are sold separately, so if (for some reason!) you’re not into dressing up as a princess, you can mix and match to create a swimwear style that’s all your own! Prices range from $45 for tops to $25 to $35 for bottoms.

Enchanted Bikinis

Oh, and check out this mermaid skirt! You don’t even have to be a fan of Ariel to love this quirky cover up.

mermaid skirt
Enchanted Bikinis

The brand is all about empowerment, as explained on its website: “Our mission is to let the princess in you glow and enchant everyone and everything around, when you wear your Enchanted bikini. We believe that every woman can feel this way without putting on a costume.”

That’s a message we can definitely get behind!

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