15 Disney World Foods So Good They’re Worth The Trip On Their Own

Most of us go to Walt Disney World first and foremost to enjoy the experiences—the rides and other attractions, character interactions and shows like only Disney can do. But Disney World is also a veritable wonderland of food choices and can be worth the trip just to eat your way across the parks, resorts and Disney Springs. We explored people’s favorite things to eat at the most magical place on earth to find out which Disney World foods are so delicious they’re worth the trip on their own.

Here are 15 of our favorite Disney World foods that’ll definitely have your mouth watering for your next Disney trip.

1. Mickey Mouse-Shaped Anything

After all, no visit to Disney World is complete without eating something Mickey shaped, right?!

For chocolate lovers, this chocolate-dipped chocolate chip cookie will do nicely!


Or perhaps a Mickey ice cream sandwich?


Or maybe Rice Krispies are more your thing?


Or Rice Krispies with chocolate and mini M&M’s?!


Or a Mickey waffle—we swear the Mickey shape actually makes them taste better.


Or cinnamon roll.


Or a lollipop?


You can even get a Mickey-shaped pretzel!


2. Dole Whip

Pineapple lovers will want to head straight to Adventureland for one of these all-time favorite Disney treats.


They come with or without pineapple juice.


3. Candy Apples

Disney’s character-inspired candy apples are almost too cute to eat, but too delicious not to!


4. Chicken In A Waffle

Chicken in a waffle?! Yes, please! This will satisfy both our sweet and savory cravings!


5. Fried Chicken (Minus The Waffle)

If you’re craving a more traditional fried chicken dinner, look no further than the Skipper Canteen. Mmmm.


6. Burger At The Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater

What better meal at this classic old-timey drive-in movie theater—no car of your own necessary, by the way!—than a great burger? And the setting is truly magical.


7. Turkey Leg

Not just for Thanksgiving, Disney’s smoked turkey legs are an absolute must-eat, and they are MASSIVE.


8. Ger’s Bread And Butter Pudding

We wish we were eating this RIGHT NOW. Bread and butter pudding never looked soooo good.


9. Shrimp And Dumplings

Trade in the burgers and turkey legs for some seafood for a change of pace with firecracker shrimp and dumplings at Animal Kingdom.


10. Dark Side Cupcake

The dark side of the Force is strong with this sweet treat.


11. Tie-Dye Cheesecake

Taste the rainbow of deliciousness.


12. Belgian Waffle With Fruit Compote

We usually opt for Mickey waffles, but this Food and Wine Festival take on waffles is too good to pass up.


13. Beignets

You can get the taste of the South at Disney World, and it tastes like a beignet!


14. Beijing Candied Strawberries

We guarantee you’ve never had strawberries like this before!


15. Seven Seas Lagoon Cocktail

After a long day at the parks, what’s better than a specialty cocktail at Disney World, like this Seven Seas Lagoon? Y-u-m!