Disney World Has A New Mac And Cheese Truck With Incredible Toppings

Macaroni and cheese is one of America’s favorite foods, and Disney World is known for its delicious variations on this comforting food. From Baked Macaroni & Cheese with Shrimp and Sweet Chili Sauce at Eight Spoon Cafe to Crab Macaroni and Cheese at Shula’s Steak House, Walt Disney World Resort restaurants have long elevated and amplified our love of mac and cheese.

And, now, Disney World is taking things to the next level with its latest food destination: a mac and cheese truck!

That’s right. A food truck entirely devoted to macaroni and cheese. But it won’t just offer ordinary elbow noodles with sauce. The mac and cheese truck will sell wild and wonderful variations on your favorite comfort food, including Crunchy Mac-N-Cheese (which is topped with your favorite cheese curls) and Lobster and Shrimp Mac-N-Cheese (made with real lobster and topped with crunchy, buttery crackers).

Or how about a Chicken Parmesan Mac-N-Cheese? Everything you love about chicken parm is combined with everything you love about mac and cheese, providing a hearty, delicious flavor that will have you looking at your favorite cheesy pasta in a totally new way.

And then there is Smoked Brisket Mac-N-Cheese. It’s topped with onion rings, chives and (of course) bold, flavorful brisket.

Crunchy Mac ’n’ Cheese
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Finally, there is the Bacon Cheeseburger Mac-N-Cheese. It’s made with ground beef, pickles, lettuce, bacon, ketchup and mustard. It is even topped with crunchy potato strings to mimic the French fries that generally come with your favorite cheeseburgers. Yum!

The mac and cheese truck is expected to open for business at Disney World sometime in March, which means you should see it very soon! The truck will be located on the West Side of Disney Springs.

Finish off your delicious mac-and-cheese feast with one of Disney’s newest sweet treats: Chocolate donut holes!

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As you can see, these are not your average donut holes … they are rolled in sugar and spice and then topped with a mouth-wateringly decadent orange chocolate glaze. Find these babies at the Isle of Java in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Who’s ready for a trip to Disney World?