Disneyland Is Getting More Avengers-Themed Attractions

Marvel super heroes are about to take over Disney theme parks worldwide and we couldn’t be more excited! I mean, who wouldn’t want to join forces with Iron Man, Black Widow, Spider-Man, Captain America, Thor or any of the other million Avengers?

Disney announced this week that it will soon be inviting guests to “become part of a bigger universe filled with epic heroes and adventures” in three new Avengers-themed areas that are being rolled out at Disneyland Resort in California, Disneyland Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland.

In partnership with Marvel Studios and Marvel Themed Entertainment, these additions to the three parks “will champion the next generation of Super Heroes.” In other words, get ready for interactive new rides and experiences based on your favorite heroes.

By 2020, Disneyland plans on having a “completely immersive superhero universe,” with Disney promising attractions centered around Spider-Man and the Avengers. These rides will join Guardians of the Galaxy—Mission: Breakout!, in the adjacent space currently occupied by A Bug’s Land in the California Adventure portion of Disneyland. A casualty of the expansion will be It’s Tough to Be a Bug, a 3D attraction based on “A Bug’s Life,” which will shut down March 19 to make way for the new Marvel-themed land.

guardians of the galaxy mission breakout photo
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Disneyland Paris will get a Marvel-themed area at Walt Disney Studios Park that will include a reimagined attraction involving Iron Man and the Avengers on a hyper-kinetic adventure. This follows the summer launch of Marvel Summer of Super Heroes, a live-action production, which will happen from June 10 to Sept. 30.

Meanwhile, at Hong Kong Disneyland, which is home to the newly opened and extremely popular Iron Man Experience, guests can anticipate an attraction that highlights both Ant-Man and his partner The Wasp within an interactive and undoubtedly exciting experience.

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Disney fans, are you pumped for more Marvel rides at the parks?