Disneyland Paris Covered In Snow Looks Beyond Magical

Haunted Mansion in the snow
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Everyone knows Disney goes all out for the holidays. Even on sunny Main Street at Walt Disney World in Florida, wreaths, Christmas trees and endless sparkling lights can be seen throughout the park. At certain times of day, you may even catch a dusting of fake snow.

Despite the festive atmosphere though, it’s hard to feel like you’re in the holiday spirit when you’re also in the process of getting a sunburn and eating an ice cream cone in the midday heat. But what would you say if you could see a Disney park covered in actual snow? You can—at Disneyland Paris. And, obviously, it’s magical.

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Winter has come to Disneyland Paris (actually located about 45 minutes west of the city), and with it, a blanket of snow. Though the European version of our favorite magical theme parks is much smaller than its American counterparts, it is no less gorgeous, especially when it’s all frosted over.

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This isn’t the first time Disneyland Paris has experienced snow, either. Four years ago, the park got so much snow that it was forced to close for the day! Deserted theme parks are both eerie and beautiful, and a snowy Disneyland Paris is no exception


disneyland paris snow photo
Flickr | Dunleavy Family

Take a look at some of these gorgeous pictures of the snowy park, including the white-frosted Sleeping Beauty Castle and the Phantom Manor (Disneyland Paris’ answer to The Haunted Mansion)—somehow even creepier when covered in snow.

disneyland paris snow photo
Flickr | Dunleavy Family

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It clearly looks like Queen Elsa has worked her wintry magic, and we’re a little jealous. Even though we’re rounding the corner to milder spring weather, there’s something about snow that makes the most magical place on earth just a little more magical.

Guess we’re hopping on a plane to go see snowy Disneyland Paris in person! Au revoir—maybe we’ll bring you back a Mickey pretzel.

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You can see plenty more pictures of the park on the official Disneyland Paris Instagram page.

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