Disneyland Paris covered in snow might be the most magical sight in France

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One of Disney’s theme parks got a little extra magic this week, courtesy of Mother Nature.

The company’s many parks are, of course, magical all year long. Just a glimpse of the iconic castles brings a smile to fans, young and old. That’s why families often return again and again.

But this week, Disneyland Paris got a little extra sparkle. White flakes of snow started falling in France and blanketed the country’s Disney park, leaving snow-covered buildings, rides, walkways and more. In fact, it looked like Tinkerbell herself scattered fairy dust all over the park!

The photos are beautiful:


Snow Day

Given the typically warm locations of Disney’s parks, blankets of white snowflakes aren’t a typical sight. But Paris’s powder turned its Disneyland into a winter wonderland. In fact, characters in the park looked like they were in a snow globe.


The brightly colored buildings popped against the powdery snow—and the tree branches glistened.


The snowy scene was even more stunning at night. The most magical place in Paris somehow got a bit more magical.


There’s more snow in the forecast for the area, so the all-natural decor will stick around a bit longer.


Big Thunder Mountain has never looked as pretty as it did covered in snow.


Paris in the springtime had a good run, but Mickey Mouse and his friends playing in the snow make a strong case for wandering the City of Lights in the winter.


Some visitors found themselves in the middle of a snowball fight with Donald Duck. Now that’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience!


As “Frozen’s” Princess Anna would ask, do you want to build a snow man? At least a few Disneyland visitors definitely did. There was enough snow for someone to make a frozen Mickey!


While Florida’s Walt Disney World and California’s Disneyland are unlikely to get a true snowfall, these photos can satisfy our snow fix from afar for now.


Disneyland Paris turned into a winter wonderland last February, too. Before that, the park got so much snow it had to close for a snow day. Maybe it’s time to start planning a Parisian winter trip to see Disneyland turn into a magical snow globe in person.

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