5 Top Disneyland Tips And Tricks From The Man Who Goes There Every Day

After more than 2,000 visits to Disneyland, Jeff Reitz from California is much more than an expert. This Disney fanatic has gone to the theme park every single day since Jan. 1, 2012.

“I do think that it’s an unbreakable record,” Disneyland spokesman John McClintock told NBC Los Angeles. Reitz says he got his first annual pass as a gift, to do something fun while he was unemployed. Now, the Air Force veteran from Huntington Beach, California, still hits the park every night after working at the VA Long Beach Healthcare System, and both days on the weekends.


And lucky for us, he loves sharing tips about how to make the most of your visit to his favorite place on earth.

Reitz shared his top tips with the Huffington Post. Let’s check out five of the most notable:

1. Visit Early In The Day

Reitz says it’s the best way to get a good start to your visit. “If the park opens at 8 a.m., for example, you can be on Main Street at 7:30 and hang out until the rope drops. You’ll have access to some of the stores on Main Street,” he told HuffPo. However, he said families with small children might want to plan for a later visit so the kids can stay awake and active until the famous fireworks.


2. Visit In The Winter

It’s no surprise—summer vacation means tourist spots all over get really packed. “The end of January, February and early March” are the best times, Reitz told HuffPo. Avoid holidays and spring break like the plague!

3. Use The App

You can reserve and keep track of your FastPasses on the Disney app. Reitz reminds us that the app also has a dining directory and map.

He told HuffPo a portable battery is a great idea, so your smartphone never dies in the midst of FastPass booking or picture taking.

4. Watch The Fireworks Somewhere Unique

Reitz says you should ditch the crazy crowds around Main Street, and consider heading over to It’s A Small World or the Rivers Of America. “Both locations have projections and views of the main fireworks,” he told HuffPo. “I also enjoy watching from other places that may not have the full show, but just views to see the big bombs go off, like Tarzan’s Treehouse, Critter Country, or Big Thunder Trail.”


5. Don’t Forget Why You’re There

Above all, Reitz focuses on having fun! He’s said before that he’s not in it for the recognition; he’s in it for the enjoyment of visiting the parks.

“In the same way you could have a rough day at work and decide to go out for happy hour drinks, I found that I had everything I needed right there at the Disneyland Resort; there’s drinks and food to choose from, there’s the movie theater and other musical entertainment acts, and there’s fireworks to enjoy,” he told Travel + Leisure.

[h/t HuffPost]