Disneyland’s Newest Churro Is A Glittery Pineapple Dream (And It Comes With A Marshmallow Dipping Sauce!)

Sure Disneyland is a magical world full of attractions, rides and all your favorite Disney characters IRL, but don’t forget that it’s also home to some of the most delicious treats you can imagine!

The latest indulgence currently blowing up Instagram? The new glittery pineapple churro! This oh-so-tasty (and social-media-worthy) treat can be found at the churro cart in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in Disneyland. Covered in sparkling sugar, the churro is $5.25 and for just a buck more you can indulge further with a marshmallow dipping sauce.


If pineapple isn’t your go-to flavor, don’t worry. Now through Sept. 3 is Pixar Fest, which just happens to be unofficially known as “Churro Fest!” That’s right: There is a vast and exciting array of churro flavor options throughout the park just waiting to be tasted.

In fact, if you’re up to the task, try taking on the Churro Challenge! You’ll get a special map to follow as you eat your way through the park. Your goal? Stop at each of the four churro stands, collecting stickers at the stands to prove you were there. The prize? A Pixar Fest-only Monsters button and four churros!

Fans of “Up” will enjoy the lemon churro with lemon sugar and multi-colored cereal, while the “Coco“-inspired Cocoa Churro (below) features chocolate powder, salted cinnamon sugar and a Mexican chocolate dipping sauce.


If those don’t do it for you, you can find the Carrot Cake Churro (below) rolled in cinnamon sugar with raisin-carrot cream cheese frosting in the New Orleans Square Churro Cart.


Then there are the “Cars”-inspired “Choose Your Racer” churros with yellow-sugared churros for Cruz Ramirez, red-sugared churros for Lightning McQueen and blue-sugared churros for Jackson Storm. These can be found at the Cozy Cone Motel, Disney California Adventure.


If you find yourself near A Bug’s Land, try out the Iced Specialty Churro drizzled with doughnut icing and dusted with cocoa cereal.


The strawberry Lots-o-Straw-“Bear”-y Churros look perfectly sweet, wouldn’t you say?


No matter which churro you choose, you can’t go wrong. Not at Disneyland? Why not try out these yummy Disneyland-churro-inspired recipes at home?