Buzz Lightyear And Woody Got Married In An Adorable Disney-Themed Wedding


Forget the tuxedos. When you’re Disney super-fans like Chicago couple Jason Bitner and Garrett Smith, only a Disney-themed wedding and costumes will do. That’s why the two men dressed up as two of their favorite characters from Pixar’s “Toy Story,” Buzz Lightyear and Woody, for their wedding.

Take a look at the newlyweds below in an Instagram post from Bitner. (He’s the one in the cowboy hat.) He posted it to his account at @bitnerdesign a few months after the event — how cute are they?

After getting engaged at (where else?) Disneyland in 2016, the couple decided that they wanted a Disney-themed wedding. Bitner had always wanted the “Toy Story” song, “You Have A Friend In Me” to be the song for his wedding dance, so the idea of dressing up as Woody and Buzz for their August 2018 wedding naturally evolved from there.

“Plus, ‘Toy Story’ is one of our favorite movies,” Bitner told HuffPost. “Each character reminds us of each other’s personalities.”

Not just that, this couple thinks the dynamic between the two characters is a great relationship model.

“I really like how Buzz and Woody have such a strong friendship throughout all the three movies,” said Smith to Good Morning America. “And like in any marriage, you have to have a strong friendship and mutual respect for one another.”

Bitner and Smith asked all of their wedding guests to also dress up as their favorite Disney characters, and their friends and family did not disappoint.

See how many familiar characters you can recognize in this Instagram photo from the couple’s wedding photographer, Tiffany Brandt:

The couple DIYed their table centerpieces, decorating each table with a different Disney film theme, ranging from “The Lion King” to “Aladdin” and “Coco.”

“The centerpieces we started a year out. We had so many Google docs and Pinterest boards for ideas,” said Bitner to HuffPost. “Rather than real flowers, Garrett made paper flowers. And he completely fabricated his Buzz costume, which took him like three months.”

As seen in this Instagram photo from Tiffany Brandt, the couple made their exit from their wedding reception surrounded by sparklers. The two reportedly spent their honeymoon in Hawaii and, of course, Disneyland.

According to Bitner’s Instagram, the young couple — who will be celebrating their first anniversary in a couple of months — has already seen “Toy Story 4.” We hope they loved it!

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