Clever mom divided one bedroom into two using a popular Ikea product

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It can be difficult when two kids are forced to share a bedroom. Sure, they have a built-in playmate when they’re bored. But sometimes, siblings just need their own space.

The daughters of organizing expert Cassandra Aarssen of ClutterBug regularly got on each other’s nerves while sharing their small bedroom. Aarssen understood how they felt. She knew she had to come up with a solution for the tight spot she’d put them in, and she was up to the challenge.

Some background: Aarssen and her husband needed the girls to share a room in order to conserve space in their home, which is why they initially decided to move them into a playroom on the house’s lowest level. But while the girls had more overall space, they still needed some privacy to preserve their (and their parents’) sanity. At first, Aarssen considered building a wall to divide the girls’ room. But that would involve more time, labor and expense than they wanted to expend. So instead, the family hopped into their car and headed to the local IKEA store to find some creative solutions.

In the end, in order to simultaneously divide the room and give the sisters plenty of storage, Aarssen picked up some IKEA Kallax Bookcase Room Divider Cubes to use as a temporary wall. By turning them sideways, the shelving units provided plenty of height to give each girl her own space.

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The storage areas were then filled in with large IKEA Foldable Storage Boxes that fit perfectly into each shelf. We love that you can find these boxes in a variety of colors so that they tie into any room’s color scheme.

You can see how Aarssen created this room in her YouTube video below.

Izzy and Abby now each have their own “room” complete with a bed, window and lots of storage. The room divider still leaves plenty of space for each of them, so they don’t feel cramped. Izzy even has her own desk for homework and other activities.

Which room in your house might you transform with this quick DIY hack?

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