This DIY candy sushi is almost too cute to eat (Video)

Kids love the look of sushi, but who needs fish when you can make this treat with just five sweet ingredients! Kids will have fun helping create their very own sushi rolls, filled with gummy worms and other candy favorites.

These sushi rolls are a tasty treat, and a super clever idea. The best part about candy sushi is that it’s easy to make, especially if you use prepackaged cereal bars. And the chocolate sauce made to resemble soy sauce really ties the whole snack together.

Candy sushi is a low-effort treat that will have a big impact on little ones and adults. Ready to get started? Check out the ingredients list, and instructions for both the sashimi and sushi below. We’ve also included a quick video to help you out.

Ingredients Needed

  • Cereal bars (homemade or prepackaged)
  • Fruit roll ups
  • Gummy fish
  • Gummy worms
  • Chocolate sauce

Assembly Instructions

How to prepare the sashimi:

  1. Prepare cereal bars or unwrap prepackaged ones
  2. Cut cereal squares to 1×2 inch pieces.
  3. Cut fruit roll up into 1/2 strips.
  4. Assemble sushi pieces by stacking a gummy fish on top of the cereal bar piece and wrapping a strip of roll up around to secure.

How to prepare the sushi roll:

  1. Roll out a small section of cereal bar to ½ inch thickness.
  2. Fill center area with a small amount of gummy worms and roll.
  3. Wrap the entire roll with an uncut fruit roll up.
  4. Cut into ¾ inch pieces.
  5. Arrange candy sushi on a platter.
  6. Fill a small ramekin with chocolate sauce and dust with sprinkles.

Grab some chopsticks, dip your sushi and enjoy!