Keep Your Chicken Warm Through The Winter With This DIY Sweater

We’ve all seen pampered pups prancing around in glamorous sweaters and other fancy outfits. You may have seen them toted in bags or pushed in attractive carriers and strollers. Even kittens have been dressed up in adorable costumes. But, really, why stop here? Practically speaking, cats and dogs are not the only animals who may catch a chill in winter.

Meet: the chicken sweater. A sweater designed specifically for your feathered friends who are unable to migrate to warmer climates. Although the hen’s apparel may not be as flashy as some other pet outfits, there’s no doubt your egg-laying friend will appreciate the practical warmth that it offers.

Held in place by both buttons and velcro, the chicken sweater allows the chicken to move its wings freely. It is easily put on by sliding the chicken’s head through a small hole and then fastening the buttons around the wings. Using different-colored yarn or elaborate buttons can help to spice up your poultry apparel. The step-by-step instructions for making your own chicken sweater are detailed on


If you don’t happen to have any friendly fowl of your own but would like to attempt to knit this creation, there are plenty of animals who could benefit from your efforts. Originally these sweet sweaters were intended for hairless hens. The animals wore them while being transported from a shelter to new owners. Perhaps there may be a shelter near you that could benefit from similar efforts.

Either way, we are just glad that our chicken friends’ wardrobes are finally getting the attention they deserve.

Get all the details for making your own chicken sweater here.