DIY Your Own Dry Shampoo To Never Have A Bad Hair Day Again

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Dry shampoo is great for when you’re in a pinch and need your hair to look good even though it’s been, you know, a day or so since you last washed it.

You don’t have to feel bad about not showering, either, because it’s actually good for your strands to not be constantly stripped of their natural oils through the act of shampooing. That’s why dry shampoo, in so many ways, is such a godsend.

And what’s even better than having this powder at your disposal for a day sans washing? Being able to DIY your very own all-natural version, that’s what. Thanks to Crissy Page of the Dear Crissy blog, you can do just that.

Her recipe uses three simple ingredients: arrowroot powder, bentonite clay powder and unsweetened cocoa powder (yum!).

Given the cocoa powder’s coloring, this version is great for those with darker hair because nothing’s worse than trying to get a white powder to blend in. Plus, this chocolatey powder is sure to make your locks smell amazing, too, which is an added bonus for when you haven’t showered, you know?

Dear Crissy

A little bit of this powder goes a long way, so this mixture is sure to last you for a while, and at the very least, will get you through the rough days when you need it the most.

Simply apply using a loose powder brush along your hairline (in the front and back) and your part to absorb any excess oils and prolong how long your hair holds up post-washing.

Dear Crissy

Head on over to the Dear Crissy blog for the full recipe so that you can start sprinkling this in that head of yours, stat. No more bad hair days for you!

[h/t: Dear Crissy]