4 Creative And Chic Easter Egg DIYs To Try This Year

Chic Easter egg Decorating Ideas

Can you believe it? It’s already that time of year to start thinking about dyeing Easter eggs. Of course, you could always go with traditional egg dyeing kits … or you could be adventurous and opt to try something a little different.

This year, I wanted to try something different, so I figured out how to turn my Easter eggs into chic little works of art. Whenever I hear the word “chic,” I conjure up images of metallics and hues of pink. While it’s not the first word I would use to describe Easter eggs, I thought it would be pretty fun to decorate mine with that simple word in mind.

And to my surprise, it is possible! Who knew eggs could be so fashionable?! Here are the four different DIY ways that I turned this year’s Easter eggs from drab to fab!

How To Dye Easter Eggs

First, you’ll need to dye your Easter eggs so you’ll have a canvas on which to decorate.

I like to combine one cup of warm water with one tablespoon of white vinegar before adding food coloring to the mix. I’ve found this chart to be super helpful if you’re looking to dye your eggs in an array of unique and vibrant colors.

Once your dye is ready, place a hardboiled egg inside of a metal whisk and submerge it into the dye, making sure to rotate the egg until it’s entirely covered with the mixture. Once you’re happy with the color, remove the egg from the inside of the whisk and set it on a paper towel to dry.

And now for stylish Easter egg ideas!

1. Create a Marbled Pattern Using Margarine.

Marbled Easter eggs using Margarine

Margarine can help make beautifully unique eggs, as it will create the marbled pattern by preventing some of the dye from drying on the egg. This is a decoration idea to decide upon before you dye your eggs, Remember that old saying “oil and water don’t mix”? That’s exactly what will happen here.

In a small bowl, combine one cup of cool water with one tablespoon of white vinegar and food coloring. Then add one tablespoon of melted margarine. Using tongs, quickly dunk one egg three times before completely submerging it in the mixture for three minutes.

Remove the egg, and wipe off any melted margarine residue with a paper towel. You’ll be left with a gorgeous marbled pattern.

2. Decorate With Metallic Paint Markers.

Painted Easter Eggs

Paint markers, which you can purchase at any art supply shop, are the easiest way to add some glam to your Easter eggs! The options for designs and patterns are endless and if you’re decorating eggs with kids, this is a fun way for them to express their creativity in an easy way. Paint markers come in many different colors but the chicest ones (of course) are the metallics.

3. Embellish Eggs With Metallic Temporary Tattoos.

Temporary Tattoos on Eggs

Yes, you sure can use temporary tattoos on Easter eggs! It’s as easy as applying them to your skin. Consider purchasing temporary tattoos from Tattly and Flash Tattoos, both of which have plenty of options in silver and gold hues.

4. Use Metallic Tissue Paper.


Another fun way to decorate your Easter eggs is by cutting simple shapes, like trapezoids and triangles, out of tissue paper. Adhere the tissue paper shapes onto the eggs by using Mod Podge, which is a glue, gloss and sealer all in one. It’s easy to use and dries clear.

What other ideas do you have for chic Easter egg decorations? Let us know in the comments!

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