DIY: Fix Things Anywhere With Portable Hot Glue Matches

As a kid, I loved using a hot glue gun for art projects. Now as an adult, I see it has more uses than just a science fair project and for Halloween costumes.

The only problem with a hot glue gun is you need an outlet to plug in the tool and get the glue super hot. And I usually only need a little dab to fix something.

After what feels like 2 hours (when in reality it’s only about 2 minutes) the glue is hot and ready to be applied. During the application process, I usually end up burning a finger and get it in my hair. Afterwards, the glue always oozes out of the metal tip a bit, making a mess on my counter that I have to scrape off with my fingernails for butter knife. Sigh.

Thankfully, Shake the Future has heard my cries and cleverly crafted Hot Glue Matches. It’s a genius idea – simply melt a bit of the glue stick with a candle (or the old-fashioned way, in your glue gun) and apply a dollop while hot to a wooden match, right below the head. Allow to cool and ta-da! A portable glue stick!

[h/t: Mental Floss]