DIY Hallo-Wine Is The Perfect Party Favor For Your Halloween Parties

If you are looking for a creative and easy DIY idea to bring to your Halloween parties this weekend, look no further! This Hallo-wine pumpkin is the perfect party favor. In fact, I plan on making two of my own this weekend!

Follow these simple steps to create your own Hallo-wine pumpkin.

First, hollow out a pumpkin. Then cut a 4-inch hole for the tap

Sketch your design with chalk and fill it in with a permanent marker. If you aren’t a fan of the chalk and sharpie look, try this decorative idea involving chalkboard spray paint: Place stick-on letters, spray with chalkboard paint, removed the stickers and then label them in chalk so guests know which type of wine is in each pumpkin.

After you have your pumpkins decorated to your liking, place a bag of wine inside each. If you a white wine drinker, be sure to place ice packs inside the pumpkin before adding wine.

Pull the tap through the tap hole and enjoy!

Watch the full video tutorial from HGTV’s Facebook page:

[h/t: HGTV]