DIY Your Holiday Decor With This Amazing Shadow Box

Santa Clause decor gets old pretty fast, but that doesn’t mean you should do away with all of your holiday decor. Holiday decor is fun because it creates this enchanted atmosphere even though the month and the weather are the only real changes happening around you. But that’s half the fun of celebrating holidays—you can get creative with them, and create a reason to celebrate and make things feel cozier.

If you enjoy burying yourself in wrapping paper like I do, then you love DIYing all of your home decor. For the holidays, I make my own Christmas tree out of reusable items (in New York City, no one has room for a life-sized tree). But the fact that I make the items myself makes them that much more unique and fun to share with friends.

For this holiday season, try this DIY shadow box from POPSUGAR. They’re beautiful, festive and you could even use them as mood lighting for parties or holiday dinners. For the directions on how to make this and where to get the items, click here.


If you’re on a budget, though, try using plastic shadow boxes that you can find at most craft stores or online. Spray paint the insides of them gold or silver. Then, you can buy cheap craft brush trees online or in a craft store, and spray paint them white. Then, use stretched out cotton to create snow and these LED string lights from Pottery Barn to give your forest a mystical quality.

Don’t be afraid to stray away from the forest idea, though. Go for a snowy city scene, a sledding scene or maybe, if you want to get the kids involved, an imaginative scene with fairies and forest animals. There’s nothing you can’t do with a little paint, clay and paper. If you’re feeling a bit lazier, you don’t even have to create a scene. Instead, you could opt for something where you just fill the shadow box with traditional things that remind you of the holidays.



Anyway you do it, this DIY shadow box will be a beautiful, non-Santa addition to your holiday decor.